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Basic Swimming Pool Supplies

If you think your job is done right after you assign a contractor to work on the construction of your swimming pool, then you've got another think coming. The next thing you will have to read about are swimming pool supplies, because without them, you can't even use your pool.

Below are just a few of the most basic swimming pool supplies that either you'll have to buy on your own or ask your contractor to include in the service contract for you:

Pool filters. These swimming pool supplies are very important in keeping your pool clean and free of debris. These are installed not just for aesthetic reasons, but also for safety and health. When plant or animal debris are not removed from the pool, algae and bacteria will soon thrive because these are what they feed off.

At swimming pool supplies stores, you can find various types of filters: sand, cartridge, or diatomaceous earth (DE) filters.

Pool cleaners. These efficient swimming pool supplies can clean not only above-ground but also in-ground pools. Pool cleaners by themselves have several accessories, such as leaf catchers, filter bags, scrubbing brushes, filter bags, and carry caddies.

Swimming pool pumps are perhaps one of the most pricey swimming pool supplies you have to invest in. This is also known as the heart of your pool's filtration and circulation system. Pumps should be able to pump an amount of water that is equalt to what the pool can hold, in about 6-8 hours.

Above-ground pool and in-ground pools require different types of pumps. The latest models of in-ground pumps should be able to lift water and must be self-priming. An above-ground swimming pool pump, on the other hand, is not capable of priming itself.

Equally important swimming pool supplies are pool heaters. Brands that are well-known for manufacturing and supplying theseindispensable swimming pool supplies are Laars, Hayward, and Pentair Pool Products.

An alternative to the regular heaters are solar heaters. They're environment-friendly and although they may cost you at the start, you'll realize big savings in the long run. These hi-tech swimming pool supplies cost approximately $130-$270.

Other swimming pool supplies you might want to check out are: pool lights and fiber optics; above-ground pool liners; pool slides and diving boards for your entertainment; solar covers, pool floats and toys; pool enclosures; shell fittings; coping stones; dehumidifiers for indoor pools; steps, ladders, and decks; and, of course, pool chemicals.

You can simply surf the Internet for all the swimming pool supplies you need and do your comparison shopping without leaving your home. Make sure that you're getting a warranty for all new swimming pool supplies. Better yet, ask friends or relatives for recommendations on swimming pool supply dealers.

Some companies offer free shipping for substantial purchases and others do so if your place of residence is quite near their offices or stockrooms. In case of damaged shipments, you should try your best to retain the supplies delivered to you in their packaging or at least keep part of the package so the company can inspect the damage and hopefully send a replacement.

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